TOCA Enterprises was established in 1989 in Canada by President and Owner Mr. John Fan. John was born and raised in China and devotes the majority of his time overseeing the China activities required to meet some of the most demanding requirements. USA operations were established in 1999 and have moved three times from the original facility to larger facilities to support our growth.

TOCA specializes in supplying carbon, low alloy, high alloy stainless steel castings and forgings, ductile iron castings, aluminum castings and die castings, stampings, fabrications, and also provides a variety of other metal products. Complete machining, assembly, painting, plating, and other additional operation can be provided. With an experienced staff located in the USA and in China TOCA has the ability to provide quality conforming prototypes, first article samples, and production parts produced in China. Fast turnaround on new projects is our goal and our strategic USA and China quality assurance and warehouse locations provide us the ability to stock agreed upon quantities of your products approved for production. WE ALSO SUPPLY TOCA DESIGN AND MANUFACTURED HEAVY TRANSPORTATION PRODUCTS.

USA Operations: Headquarters in Manteno, IL (Chicago area) are located near a rail container delivery center, consists of corporate offices and warehouse facilities in excess of 30,000 sq. ft. Administration, quality assurance and product distribution activities are performed at this location. In addition TOCA USA has several agreements involving products inventoried at customer facilities to assure all requirements are met. Sales and engineering staff are located in Muskegon, MI near the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan. The sales and engineering employees have been in involved in the casting, fabrication, and assembly manufacturing business in the USA and have years of experience.

China Operations: Headquartered in Tianjin, Steel Foundry Operations, Zhangjiako, Ductile Iron Foundry Operations, Dingzhou.

Our quality assurance and warehouse operations are located in Tianjin, China near a shipping port. Warehouse facility is in excess of 25,000 square feet. A competent staff performs quality assurance functions including audits, Inspection, packaging, markings, verification of counts, and review of documentation and material certifications. Container loads are consolidated for shipment and many are shipped weekly to the USA warehouse and direct to customers.

Production Capacity: In addition to the TOCA manufacturing facilies TOCA utilizes in excess of 40 manufacturing facilities with the majority having ISO or QS certified quality systems. All manufactures utilized by TOCA will work exclusively for TOCA and our customers. Confidentiality Agreement with our customers and in turn with our manufacturers is a normal requirement.

Total Customer Satisfaction is our goal and we look forward to the opportunity to become a supplier to your company. You can be assured we will work with you to improve quality, service, shorten cycle time, and reduce costs.